Teenage dating personals 13 year olds

14-Feb-2020 02:19

We’re happy to see that Tinder is drawing this line, and we believe it will make younger users much safer,” says Spotafriend’s creator, Benoit Tessier.

Much like Tinder, Spotafriend allows teens to view pictures of others near them, and swipe left or right if the person is someone they would like to know better.

Being in my forties, I missed the whole Internet dating scene that’s apparently all the rage today.

Sure, dating sites have their place and are regarded as a normal way to meet people these days.And while I’m sure many users have innocent enough intentions when using the app, the fact is, it’s impossible that everyone does.And the very thought that some kids could be open to being groomed by someone “Any app that allows strangers to send photos to children or vice versa is troubling.If both teens swipe right, then they’re connected within the app, where they can privately chat.

Unlike Tinder, Spotafriend claims to be an app for making friends rather than finding dates.

Naturally, you can see why some parents are starting to worry.