Trolling online dating

10-Oct-2020 19:33

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It’s therefore essential that sites like these have the proper coverage to handle claims of negligence.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online dating sites like Grindr have worked to reduce the impact of catfishing and trolling on their platforms.

Grindr’s inaction enables the weaponization of its products and services.”GDPR is a prime example of the way in which online platforms are coming under closer scrutiny than ever before.

This legislation, which sets out a concrete list of data protection and privacy regulations, has been seen as a conscious attack on large tech companies.

The ease with which channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter bring people together is extraordinary, and should be celebrated.

However, we cannot ignore the darkness that lurks beneath the online world, particularly with regards to social networks.

Often, it is used to target vulnerable people for financial gain. A New York Man who has fallen victim to catfishing harassment at the hands of his ex-boyfriend is now suing tech company Grindr for its part in the abuse.

Inaction over online harassment may equate to negligence in the eyes of the law, and this is something that tech companies need to be aware of.

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