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31-Mar-2020 19:43

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Only then can you make a solid plan and start figuring out what the girl you are interested in really likes.

Before we get started with the feedback of the ladies I have to go you this secret tip: If you’re considering heading to Ukraine, you should definitely consider doing some online dating in preparation of your trip. Sign up for free here, check out all the profiles and try to find as many Ukrainian women as possible to talk to.

When asked if they would be interested in dating men from a foreign country, 95% said yes and 5% said no.

It was interesting to see that of the 95%, almost 75% would prefer a man from Western Europe or The United States of America/Canada.

We just go online and with the push of a button order our clothes, groceries, prescription from the pharmacy and even a date for the evening.

These days our online actions are focused on providing us with instant gratification.

For picking up girls on the spot only 64% said that they would be willing to provide their phone number, but interesting enough almost 76% would prefer a straight forward request for the phone number instead of a smooth pick-up line.People buy dozens of books and guides from dodgy dating experts claiming they are They all offer the same convenient “shortcuts” in the Ukrainian dating game but fail to do the research themselves.I am here to tell you that you don’t have to buy an expensive course or book to learn how to date Ukrainian girls. You are tired of paying for dating information or profiles without getting the results that you are looking for and getting scammed left and right.Combine both blog posts and you will be a Ukrainian dating expert in no-time!

Have you ever noticed how easy things are available in our current society?

It will prepare you for the local dating game and for any questions the Ukrainian girls might ask you. If you want to learn more about how to avoid being scammed online – I highly recommend you read this blog post.