Updating windows mobile 6 0 professional

20-May-2020 11:25

The way to do this is to run a “Soft SPL”, which will temporarily allow you to flash a new bootloader onto your phone (called a Hard SPL). Make sure you have removed your SIM card, SD cards, etc.

My computer wouldn’t detect the phone until I did this.

Edit: When I say this doesn’t work with Windows 7, I mean that I had issues with Win7 x64.

There are reports that it works fine in 32 bit version, and that it might work with the 64bit version if you disable driver signing.

I'am having problems updating windows mobile 6 on my HTC S710.

When I go to the updat programe it says that my device has problems with connecting to the server.

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While Windows Mobile is now superseded by Windows Phone, this SDK can be used to build mobile apps compatible with older devices.I just successfully upgraded my HTC Touch Dual (known as NIKE in other regions) from windows mobile 6.0 to 6.5. I wasted 5 hours at this point when i bricked my mobile because it will not flash correctly.

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