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All you need to see and reproduce in your own code in order to force validation is to add the 'e.Cancel = true' instruction at the right place of your own validating method.4) Make the escape key also cancel validation: Similar to the "X" button, the escape key can be captured by overriding an existingmethod. One more time, the previously introduced 'Auto Validate = Auto Validate. Before long, I'll do so, along with implementing its inverse, to turn validation on again.Disable;' instruction can be used to disable overall validation for the escape key as well. These two ways are: These two ways of closing the window started to also cancel validation once you introduced the "X" button capture mechanism described in point 3 above. Check which button has focus in the validation check. If cancel button (and in my case a clear button), override. However, the escape key that can be used to close a form does not. The hack starts with a simple form level Boolean variable.Such escape key is activated when the form's 'Cancel Button' property is used to link this escape key to the form's 'Cancel' button. Though Disable Validation is implemented as a local method of the current form, the same thing could be accomplished by passing a Form reference into a library routine, since a Form is a Form, and its Controls collection is a Controls collection, period.

Do not get distracted by the complete validation mechanism of these specific examples.Do you know if this is the expected behavior or not? As said by MSDN, When you change the focus by using the keyboard (TAB, SHIFT TAB, and so on), by calling the Select or Select Next Control methods, or by setting the Container Control.However, clicking the upper right "X" button of the form's window will still force validation.

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3) Make the upper right "X" button also cancel validation: The challenge here is to trap such "X" clicked event before validation is executed.

Any attempt to do so through a Form Closing handler will not work because it is then too late once execution reaches such handler.

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