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23-Jul-2020 12:08

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I have done everything from designing and conducting qualitative and quantitative research (incl.

jobs-to-be-done) to delivering holistic and comprehensive product vision to designing and facilitating brainstorms to prototyping and validating solutions to developing marketing & comms strategies to acquire, retain and engage customers.

Prior to working at Quasset, Ash worked for one of Australia’s largest oil and gas operators, Woodside Energy, as a Reservoir Engineer, where she built quantitative tools and recommended key improvements to the field management strategy to maximize recovery.

She has also gained significant operational experience through planning and executing multiple offshore projects to improve asset integrity & optimise production.

Since I studied Computer Sciences (at the university of Cadi Ayad – Marrakesh MOROCCO ) and (at the university of Western Brittany – Brest FRANCE), I have acquired a wide range of experience.

I am passionate about analyzing and developing softwares and Web applications with both high level functions and a strong focus on usability.

I started my strategy career at Andersen Consulting as a Senior Manager during the dotcom boom, leading e-commerce initiatives for clients across a wide spectrum of industries.

I try my best to be up-to-date with all technologies by assisting IT events so I can fit all missions my career offers me.• Plan, conduct, and synthesize user research and usability testing • Prepare customer analyses based on our target demographic and initial transactions and participate in creating a content development strategy.• Communicating scenarios, end-to-end experiences, interaction models, and screen designs with other members of the team or functions.I love to share my experience in coding with my colleagues and try to be available to support them if necessary.

My following resume details my experience I have had until then.

The Bank’s commitment in Fin Tech and support from management provide a superb environment for aspiring individuals.