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26-Sep-2020 02:14

If this occurs, the event handler will display a message to tell the user that the telephone number entered is invalid, restore the focus to the Telephone field, and exit the subroutine.

Run the program and test the code by entering an invalid telephone number.

The validation rules used will depend on the application, and in particular on the type of data being input to the program.

Database management systems like Oracle or Microsoft Access provide extensive facilities for creating data validation rules. Net applications, we will need to work a little harder to ensure that the input is valid, because we will need to define and code our own validation rules.

) is of the correct type, and in the correct format.

Although the programmer will obviously take every precaution to ensure the correct operation of the program, and will attempt to eliminate bugs that could cause a problem through a rigorous process of testing, they have no real control over mistakes made by the user during data entry.

Text) = 0 Then Exit Sub Else int At = In Str(1, txt Email. Text, ".") If (int At = 0) Or (int Dot = 0) Or (int Dot = (int At 1)) _ Or(In Str(int At 1, txt Email.

The code essentially ensures that there is one (and only one) "@" in the string, plus at least one period in the substring that follows the "@" (but not immediately following the "@").

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