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This begs the question: are there any hidden gems left in Europe? If not, I hope some of these places have made their way onto your bucket list!

These best hidden gems in Europe come in all shapes and sizes.

They do not know how separate the two nowadays and too many get involved with public affairs. The audiences is what drives them to celebrity status. Many artists begin young in the business and they fall victim to the pressures of the industry.

History lovers are giddy at the sight of Europe’s ancient architecture.

Outdoor enthusiasts are mesmerized by its diverse landscapes.

I‘ve been to four of them: Mittenwald (several times), St. Unfortunately I can‘t decide for a favorite, but probably St.

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LOS ANGELES — The fun part of “The Dating Game” was the person trying to blindly select a potential date — from three people who could be heard and not seen — never knew who was going to come around the corner.He was sentenced to five years probation and six months community service.