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14-Sep-2019 06:13

Cove is the passion project of the social media gurus at Charly, a Toronto-based tech company focused on pushing boundaries and using cutting-edge communication tools to build one-on-one connections.“We’ve come at dating from a completely different angle,” said Charles Messow, Founder and CEO of Charly.I try to give guys the benefit of the doubt when I’m online dating, so I’ll typically send a reply to even the most mundane and awkward messages.Sometimes my sparsely worded answers send guys into a verbal frenzy.And things get a whole lot more complicated if you consider that those odds need to happen every generation all the way back until you reach single celled organisms - the actual beginning of your timeline.The probability of that happening comes out at about 1 in 10atoms.To start with, the odds of your dad meeting your mum - about 1 in 20,000 - then has to be multiplied by the odds of them talking, dating, and then staying together long enough to have kids.

Yet that’s pretty much all online daters have to go on before setting up a blind date.

If that makes you feel extremely small and insignificant, don’t worry - the odds of you existing at all are even tinier.

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